Full Name
Saksham Narang
Job Title
Venture Advisor
The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Speaker Bio
Saksham Narang is a Venture Advisor to the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), as well as the Director of Strategy and Development for Yuva Biosciences. He is co-chairing the startup committee for BIO Alabama. At UAB, Saksham assists in navigating the transition for a technology from the University setting to becoming a startup in the Birmingham ecosystem. He equips entrepreneurs with the knowledge, expertise, and guidance in understanding the dynamic challenges of venture development. Saksham’s role is to help facilitate and strengthen the relationships between university founders, startups, corporate partners, organizations, and investors across the venture stack.

Prior to returning to Birmingham, he worked at an investment bank in Boston and was involved in its transition to a first-time venture fund, which successfully raised approximately $50 million in its initial closing. He had various responsibilities at the fund and assisted with fundraising, deal flow, structuring, financial modeling, and reporting. Saksham also worked with the portfolio companies in developing commercialization strategies.

He attended Boston University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in 2015.
Saksham Narang