Full Name
Rebecca Vaught
Job Title
Company or Organization
Van Heron Labs
Speaker Bio
Rebecca Vaught is an Alabama native and Auburn microbiology alumni. While attending graduate school at Monash University, I was struck with an idea during a departmental seminar that forms the basis of my current company, Van Heron Labs, which shifts current paradigms regarding cellular metabolism and targets and corrects the root-causes of bio-inefficiency across industries and disciplines harnessing living matter within their processes. I now lead the vibrant Van Heron Labs team in our burgeoning commercial and R&D ventures across our Houston and Huntsville locations. In addition to these pursuits, I'm extremely passionate about growing culture and opportunities surrounding life-science commercialization and entrepreneurship in Alabama, and specifically want to use my previous experiences and current reality as a biotech founder to shape initiatives in the state and in the broader southern U.S.
Rebecca Vaught